We didn’t melt!!

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 03/13/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names:

Dutch Oven
Fish & Chips
Picket Fence

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: 57


Alarm went off at 4:25 to get this Saturday started. Ouch. Especially with all that soothing rain coming down. A strong reminder was needed that sometimes the hard thing to do and right thing to do are the same thing.


After a pre 80min ruck, we grabbed blocks from the truck and headed to the covered area for a little warm-a-rama:

– neck rolls
– straight arm pull overs (both sides)
– arm behind the head pull overs (both sides)
– Abe Vagoda (10 IC)
– Derricks (10 IC each leg)
– Danger Zone (SSH while Danger Zone is playing. When Danger Zone words are sung, do deep squat)

The Thang

– Starter with a shortened version of a Stoner original now affectionately named “barfees”. That is partner up and do 10 mins of burpees (1 man goes for one minutes then rests while other goes for 1 minute)

– quick 10 count then grabbed a block and headed to the wall for a 5 minute walk squat “rest”. Block was passed down the line while squaring.

– then back to the circle for a Major Pain creation: 10 minute plank. Run a lap when need a plank break then back to plank until 10 mins up

– quick 10 count and then grab blocks for 9 mins of curls, overhead press, and jump rope. Do 1 min of curls to overhead press, the one minute of jump rope. Repeat to end of 9 mins

– Ended in 6 minutes of Mary:
– side crunches (25 each side)
– Suzanne summers (25 each side)
– American hammer (25 total)
– finished with “Hands of Time”. In circle with each man laying on back, feet facing away from center or circle. All bring legs to 90 degrees. Going clockwise, each man drops legs to 10 degrees and counts to 3, then stays at 10 degrees until all the way around the circle. Repeat until gassed…

Circle of Trust

– announcements: Training for April 2nd ruck… starting some weekend rucks earlier to get in distance.

– Prayers:
1) Doughboys SIL’s Mom. Cancer
2) picket Fences older sister. ALS

Closed in prayer and thanksgiving for the opportunity to do this and be encouraged by one another.

Naked Man Moleskin

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t second guess posting at 5 in the rain for a long pre-ruck. As is always the case though… the fellowship was excellent, and choosing to embrace the suck and do the harder option was rewarding and the eight choice. Keep pushing yourself men. The more you choose to do the hard things, the easier they become.

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