Babyface’s Arches of PAin

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 05/25/2019


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names:

Shooter, Huckleberry, Fornite, Emeril, The Mountain, Pooh Bear, Usher, Big Papi, Babyface, McDowell’s (FNG), Sniper(FNG), & Switch (FNG)

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Mcdowell's, Switch, Sniper

QIC: Babyface


Homeboy asked me a few months ago if I would be willing and able to go to North West Arkansas to help them launch a workout. Without a second thought, I said yes. Then life happened as it always seems to do. Between kids baseball, races, and end of the school year responsibilities things just never worked out for me to be able to leave town. Then YHC saw a small crack of light in my schedule. And of course, it’s on Memorial day weekend. Screw it, I told Homeboy I would go the first chance I had, so even though you guys launched almost 2 months ago, I finally had the opportunity to join you. Let the fun begin.


Mosey over to the large parking lot on the side of the school and circle up for some IC Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, and some OYO Sun Gods

The Thang

At the first ark of parking spaces closest to the school, we began our journey. At the Intersection we did 5 burpees, ran back to the start, ran to the 2nd intersection, 10 burpees, back to start, then the end of the row for 15 burpees, and back to the start. Once the 6 was in we dropped to the next ark of spaces and did mostly the same thing but with squats and going from 10 – 20 – 30 reps. Wait for the 6, drop to the next ark and rinse and repeat with 15 – 30 – 45 Merkins. Next ark there were 4 breaks in the spaces so the reps were 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 of Monkey Humpers (Q Note to the PAX make sure to NOT make eye contact with the middle school girls running unless you are Fortnite). And for the final ark we did 25 – 50 – 75 – 100 LBCs.

Run Back to the flag

There were modifications made along the way for anyone needing a little less running in their life, but nobody asked for a refund at the end so I think that’s a good sign.

Circle of Trust

Shooters M
Snipers health
Fortnites Mission trip
The Mountain’s sister in-law new baby (praise)

Naked Man Moleskin

Solid group of men. 3 FNGs (and 1 who came out with a broken heel) is a great morning and one current PAX came out after being in a wreck yesterday. Strong group of men.

Thanks for having me up. You guys are crushing it, keep EHing and this thing will explode. Love what you are doing.

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