Wave crashing in ocean with blue sky

Waving Goodbye to the New Year

AO: Firehouse

BeatDown Date: 12/02/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names:

Mystery Meat

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: CashBack


Bringing in the 12th Month to Wave Goodbye to 2021 and finish the year strong with a kick.


Short Mosey to Pick Up Coupons
Shoulder Circles
Michael Phelps
Copperhead Squats

The Thang

Wave of Side Straddle Hops (started at 12 to 1) with hops and knee raises
Run Down Hill
Wave of Mountain Climbers (start at 8 down to 1) with Plank
Run Up Hill
Wave of Coupon Arm Circles and Shoulder Movements (8 to 1)
Run Down Hill
Wave of Squats (8 to 1) Holding Squat
Run Up Hill
Wave of Crab Kicks holding Reverse Plank (6 to 1)
Run Down Hill
Wave of Merkins holding plank (6 to 1)
Sprint Up Hill

Wave = stand in circle and hold exercise while each pax takes their turn in wave form to do the exercise. Starting at higher number and working down to 1. Ex: Everyone does 8, then everyone does 7, etc……Isometric holds

Circle of Trust

Prayer for Dutch Oven and Collin Mathews

Naked Man Moleskin

Everyone showed and up and was positive. Ripcord was extra positive shooting his arrow.

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