Warrior in the garden

AO: Firehouse

BeatDown Date: 06/08/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

Badger, Stoner, Commodore, Merkle, Mr. Belding (FNG), Einstein, El Chapo, Picket Fence, Timeline (FNG), Rio, Sherpa, 57, Pho, Nomad

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Mr. Belding, Timeline

QIC: Nomad


Welcome to F3, I’m not a professional, should you need medical assistance during the workout let us know immediately and we’ll help you asap.

F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


(1) the next exercise is “SSH”
(2) starting position move
(3) in cadence, exercise
***notice at the end the voice inflection to finish the warmup.

-Arm circles forward
-Arm circles backward
-10 Daisy Pickers
-10 Abe Vigotas
-Monkey Humpers

The Thang

-Welsh dragons
Remain in plank position the whole time. Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the BACK of each shoulder 1 time. Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time – bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 sets of back of shoulder taps… etc. Go until you get to 10 reps each, you’ve covered 30-50 feet, or until your arms fall off – whichever comes first.

****mosey to the pavilion****

21 GUN SALUTE – AMRAP in 21 minutes (modified for 15 minutes)
400 meter Run
21 Merkins
21 Box Jumps or Step ups
15 Burpees
9 Pullups (modified with situps)

(2 squad battle – separate and ask each team for their favorite exercise)

“It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

As men, we should be warriors in a garden. Warriors pursuing what we love and what we enjoy. But, prepared to go to battle on a moment’s notice and when the situation calls for it.

…Well, the situation is about to call for it.

Each team will perform (1) their own favorite versus the other team at the same time and (2) the other team’s favorite at the same time.

We did:
(1) protractor 15 sec-20sec-30sec-35sec
(2) LBCs 30 reps-35reps-40reps-45reps
(3) finished with plank and if you drop you mosey

Circle of Trust

Named the FNG- welcome Mr. Belding and Timeline!
Prayers for our pax ability to prepare to be the warrior in the garden.

Naked Man Moleskin

Today we battled Welsh Dragons and some inner demons. Enjoyed seeing everyone push hard today! Great job by all.

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