Tribute Beatdown – December 14, 2019

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 12/14/2019


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names:

Dutch Oven, Doughboy, The Mountain, Switch, Wonka, FNG Wilson, 57

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Justin Van Hoose (F3 name Wilson)

QIC: 57


I titled this beat down the Tribute Beat down. We paid respect to 3 events, starting with one that deserves our highest respect and honor. Thank you officer Stephen Carr and all who choose to serve and protect.


SSH (20) IC, Weed pickers (13) IC, Windmills (13) IC, Frankenstein’s, Michael Phelps

The Thang

Tribute #1: Honoring officers who choose to serve and protect, and specifically Officer Stephen Carr of Fayettville (Badge # 413), the officer in New Jersey, and civilians who all senselessly lost their lives this week. Respect paid via 413 partner reps (100 merkins, 100 monkey humpers, 100 shoulder press, 100 curls) all with 1 partner running while one performs exercises. We finished with 13 burpees performed as a group and a ended with a few words of prayer for those lost and their families

Between tribute 1 and 2 did 50 dips and 25 jumping jacks in unison with an Indian run to tribute 2

Tribute 2: We honored our F3 brothers running in the Back 40 trail run with a round of 13’s (trail run was 13 miles). Started with 12 plank jacks with 20 yard dash to 1 lunge (each leg), then dash back to plank jacks, and continue until 12 lunges each leg and 1 plank jack. Proud of the Pax who chose to tack on the CSAUP event and muscled through!

Tribute 3: Finished with a celebration of honoring birthdays! Happy Birthday Dutch Oven (39). 6 MOM consisted of 39 each, LBC’s, side crunch, Leg lifts to Happy Birthday Dutch, APD’s (dropped to 20 in respect of ACT participants), and last but not least 44 American Hammers (someone is 44 today)…

Moseyed back to the cars and held the last 2 minutes in plank.

Circle of Trust

Doughboy was our 6th man and shared his story. Then our FNG, Justin Van Hoose, shared his story to the group. Justin grew up in Springdale, and now he and his wife live in Bentonville where he fly’s for Fed Ex. Justin also spent time in the Navy as a pilot flying the EA – 6B Prowler. The Pax landed on “Wilson” as a reference to both flying and Fed Ex (and none of us could remember Tom Hanks name in the movie). It was great to have you Wilson!

Concerns and celebrations brought forward:
– Encouragement for Fortnight and the ACT’s
– The medical bill for The Mountains Dad came back much lower than expected. A blessing for his Mom and the family
– Switch’s company landed a contract 5 years in the works
– Reinforced our tributes as noted above

Naked Man Moleskin

Funny moments: “Oops, I forgot the spell T in Dutch”.

Great camaraderie today and great job by the Pax pushing themselves and each other. It was a pleasure to the have the Q today!

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