Tom Brady’s Birthday

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 08/03/2019


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names:

Huckleberry, Yazoo, Pistol Pete, PETA, Fortnight, Badger, Doughboy, Dutchoven, Band Camp, 57, Paul (FNG)

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Paul (Sorcerer)

QIC: 57


In prep for this VQ, I thought I’d try to get creative and think of a theme. Since it was August 3rd (8/3), I considered planning around 83 reps of different exercises. Before locking in on that though. I looked up 8/3 holidays to see if there was anything there. National mustard and watermelon day were listed, not feeling it, then oddly enough Tom Brady’s Birthday was also listed on the holiday calendar.. so if you see 12 reps (his number), or 6 exercises (super bowl titles), you’ll know why!


– Weeded pickers (12)
– Jump rope (12)
– Nancy Kerrigan (my lead – arms out, leg back, small arm circles)
– Harry rockets (12 w/ 4ct cadence. Arms out front, right foot to left hand, then other)
– Monkey humpers (12)

The Thang

Mosey to 100yrd section of lot
Thang 1:
– double quarter pounder (25 yard run, backwards 25yrds, 25 merkins. Then 50- 50yrds/50 squats. 75yrds/75 mountain climbers. Finally 100yrd/100 SSH’s
– Repeat

Mosey to inner court stairs
Thang 2
– caterpillar (pax planks on elbows 2-3ft apart. In Indian run style, last man box jumps over each until all pax go)
– Burp back mountain (team up. One up the steps then down steps while other is doing burpees) (12 total)

Mosey to area with truck:
Thang 3:
– ring of fire (12 stations)
– Merkins
– Lunges
– Curls
– Football drill
– Dips
– LBC’s
– Upright rows
– Speed skaters (Apollo Ono’s)
– Shoulder press
– Sumo squats
– Dead lifts
– Boxing

– captain thor (1 BBS with 4 AH’s – get to 10:40)
– 60 sec plank (rotisserie chicken style)
– Gas pump (20-25)

Circle of Trust

Prayers for:
– Yazoo’s father (treatment for lung disease)
– the Robinson’s who are beginning mission work and will start with studying to prepare for their time in field.

Naked Man Moleskin

It was a great morning and great to have FNG “Sorcerer” join us. I think we were all pretty smoked after the workout, and had a good group mosey over to Chick Fil A for a coffee/sandwich and Second F time after the beat down. Great way to start the weekend!

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