Sliding into the Q like a Mountie

AO: Firehouse

BeatDown Date: 06/29/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

Tea Time
EZ Pass

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Rio


As an avid Razorback Baseball fan (All HAIL DvH), I felt it my burden and responsibility to pick up the Q for my friend Yazoo. Calendar reading is a recent addition to the MS state education curriculum so he took the Q with little faith that the MSSt Bulldogs would make it to the CWS Championship.

But that’s part of the leadership development opportunity here at F3 isn’t it? Pick up the Q, lead your brothers through some pain, discomfort and mostly fun. So I picked it up and it’s never a bad day to rep the MOUNTIEs.


– Short Mosey
– Abe Vigoda 10
– Copperhead Squats 10
– Cobra Dog (being in downward dog then transition to cobra w/o torso touching ground) 4 rotations
– Arm Circles

The Thang

M – Merkin Mountain Climbers. 1:4 ratio of 1 Merkin with 4 Mountain Climbers (2=1).
Build to 5 Merkins:20 Mountain Climbers

O – One Legged Burpees. 5 each leg. Sucks just like it sounds. Choice of alternating
legs or combo of choice

**Modification** – Down the hill, 25 squats. Back up the hill (backward run for
EC) 25 squats

U – “Sexy” Merkins. Play “I’m too Sexy by Right Said Fred and leg chop in place.
Each time word “sexy” is hit, drop and merkin

N – Not So Lazy Boys. Sit upright legs extended with arms crossed on chest. Lean
back w/o legs or feet leaving the ground. Hold for Q’s time. Lean Left and
Lean Right.

T – Thunder Thigh Mucho Lego. 1 narrow squat, 2 regular squats, 3 wide squats & 4
Bonnie Blairs (1=1). 5 reps

AMRAPS – 30 seconds each of:
– Imperial Walker
– Plank
– Calf Raises
– (Narrow, Normal Wide) Merkins. 5 of each
– V-ups

E – El Capitan de Thor. It’s just Captain Thor but I had to make it end with an
“E”. 1 BBS followed by 4 American Hammers. 1:4 ratio building to 6:24.

2 MOM – Hold Protractor at 10, 45 & 90 degrees to the Qs satisfaction.

Circle of Trust

– Pray for Dutch Oven. His head and heart seem good but we will not forget!

– Pray for family of Officer Kevin Apple. KIA with Pea Ridge Police Department. Memorial Beatdown to take place 7/3 @ AOGenesis

– Still time to register for GROWRuck St. Louis.

– FNG Contest concluding today. 4-way tie between leaders. options discussed to decide tiebreaker include: burpee contest, essay submission, amending of bylaws and general bribery acceptance to those holding the gear.

Naked Man Moleskin

if you plan to live forever and you’re reading this…so far so good.

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