Nomadiversary – Nomad’s 1 Year F3 Celebration

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 05/15/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names:

Picket Fence, Thumper, Rio, Fortnite, Baby Ruth, Dutch Oven, Lemon Law, Wonka, Doughboy, 57, PETA, Huckleberry, Fish n Chips, Knockout, Nomad

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: Nomad


You never forget your first Q. Thank you to Doughboy for EH’ing me to come out to F3 1.5 years ago which I followed through on last May. Shout out to our OG/Godfather/Redwood Yazoo for being my first Q.


*welcome, my name is Nomad and you are here at F3 which stands for Fitness-Fellowship-Faith. It just so happens to be my F3 Birthday..turning the ripe old age of 1 in F3 years. You never forget your first Q so this is a shoutout to Yazoo for being my first and we’ll go through that to remember that day.

*You are here on your own free will an accord. I am not a professional, workout at your own risk and modify as needed. If you need medical attention, we will do our very best to help you seek that medical attention as quickly as possible.

-SSH (40)
-The Windmill (10)
-High Knees (20)
-Monkey Humpers (20)

The Thang

***mosey to the vehicles and pick up the garden hose***

Garden hose (1 round)
-there are many like it but this one is mine.
-Lined up in 2 rows facing one another and we go diagonal.
-Pax pulling the garden hose calls any exercise and all pax do it until he pulls it through.
-All pax go through

***mosey to coupons by bridge***
Coupons (1 round)
50 curls
50 flies
50 overhead press

***mosey to vehicles to pick up the sandbags***
We separated into 2 separate teams lined up and assign squad 1 and 2….first member of each squad does 10 squat thrusters with 40lbs sand bag and sprints to a pole and back…second pax switches from plank to merkin while first pax is doing thrusters…all pax are planking while not in spot 1 or 2. Race to see which team finishes, and since we had 15 one team had a person go twice YHC was the first.IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER. We did 2 rounds, each squad won and lost once. Bonus for all pax was 5 monster yurpees= burpee with an extra down and then spring up into 2 tuck jumps at the end is 1 monster yurpee.

***mosey to flag for mary***
We had 10 minutes for mary today and we didn’t make it through all but we did planks, plank jacks, protractor lolitas, and an assortment of other mary until time.

Circle of Trust


*huckleberry announced again the upcoming rucking event that is taking canned food to 5 little pantries on a 10 mile journey at 2:30am-6:30am on 6/5/2021 to benefit local organizations.

*if you haven’t read the Freed to lead book, please ask around.
*if you have a Freed to lead book that you’ve finished, please bring to a beatdown and share with a pax who has not read it.

Prayer- we prayed for traveling pax, Lemon Law traveling back to Omaha, and the celebration today that we hope many men will have across NWA and the world invigorating male community leadership through F3.

*57 gave some announcements as we all sipped coffee and had a snack the intentionality of our organization is Plant – Grow – Serve. There are a lot of things happening, upcoming events / projects / elections of leadership team, and it’s important to keep our organizations purpose in front of us so that we don’t lose sight of that. If you want to take on a role (AO Q, Nantan, 1st FQ, 2nd FQ, 3rd FQ, Comz, Weasel Shaker) please reach out to 57, Huckleberry, Doughboy, or Nomad to let them know so that we can get you plugged in and FREED TO LEAD.

Naked Man Moleskin

Lots of mumblechatter throughout the beatdown which is a good sign you’re doing something right as a Q if all are enjoying themselves, even if it’s at your expense sometimes. All put out great effort.

We had a Downrange pax (Lemon Law) from Omaha join us yesterday for Black Ops and today at Genesis. Always great to have pax from other regions to join in and give us new exercises. We still need clarification on the Abe Vigota if Windmill or not as he mentioned omaha says those are hip stretches and not Windmill. Also, Omaha has there CSAUP coming up to help with their F3 Omaha foundation- details were shared verbally and out on slack.

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