New Year, Same Nomad

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 01/01/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

Nomad, 57, Badger, FNG (Shamrock), FNG (Kragle), Doughboy, Cheesesteak, Rio, Fish n Chips, Ripcord, Nomad

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Shamrock, Kragle

QIC: Nomad


Doughboy posted on slack if anyone was bringing 2.0 (boys) and as the saying goes anyone willing to do burpees is good by me. It was a rainy day today so we met in front of the RHS school entrance and posted for the beatdown there. At the beginning YHC felt a little soft and joked about “new year, new nomad”. By the end, YHC realized the same old Nomad was still in there pushing hard!


All warmorama exercises were 21 to celebrate the end of 2021.
-SSH (21)
-Abe Vigota (21)
-Weed Picker Nomad-Style (clap behind hack at the top) (21)
-Mountain Man Pooper (21)
-High Knees (21)

The Thang

2 MIN AMRAP Hand-Release Merkins (40 is Growruck standard)
2 MIN AMRAP Big Boy Sit-ups soles of feet together with hands touching above head on down and hands touching in front of feet on up (50 is Growruck standard)

The Thang:
COUPON COUNTDOWN (w/coupon as able so all easy way)

⁃ 100 Calf Raises
⁃ 90 Flutter Kicks (easy way)
⁃ 80 Quick steps (on top of coupon)
⁃ 70 Squats
⁃ 60 Overhead Press (easy way)
⁃ 50 Lunges (easy way)
⁃ 40 American Hammers (easy way)
⁃ 20 Leg Lifts
⁃ 10 SSH

⁃ 20’s (Block Swings) to 22’s (Dips) – 1 Round w/mosey after
⁃ 20’s (Block Jump Overs) to 22’s (Dips) – 1 Round w/ mosey after
⁃ 20’s (Block Jump Overs) to 22’s (Dips) – 1 Round w/ mosey after
⁃ 20’s (Curls) to 22’s (step ups) – 1 round w/mosey after

We did popcorn mary letting the FNGs do 40 LBC (Kragle) and 40 Big Boy Situps (Shamrock). The clock struck 1 hour as we were in the middle of stiups. Game over.

Circle of Trust

As we did yesterday in COT, we finished with each pax sharing what was on their heart and how they were viewing the new year. How can we pray for each other? What are your new years resolutions, your word for 2022, and your passion for growth?

We discussed a lot of encouraging thoughts – the desire for healthy families, the passion for more discipline, and being a super hero (having confidence and patience to see your goals through) were just a few.

Naked Man Moleskin

Great seeing Cheesesteak come out and share in the pain and share his heart today as well. Awesome having the 2.0’s out to put in the work today and get their official F3 names. What a special group we have! Let’s keep giving away this gift to other men and kill all the sad clowns. AYE!

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