Kill the Q – rucks, blocks, & 20min EMOM

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 04/24/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names:

Nomad, Dutch Oven, Fortnight, Huckleberry, Picket Fence, Fish & Chips, Stoner, Badger, Knock Out, Wonka

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: 57


Got a Go Ruck email a week ago with a note about a 20min EMOM workout they were hosting that Monday. I knew immediately what was getting worked into the following Saturday’s beatdown, and the weather couldn’t have been any better for this type of workout!


Met under cover thanks to a steady rain. Circled up for:
– Michael Phelps
– Arm pull overs behind head
– arm circles
– Weedpickers (15)
– Abe Vagota (10)
– Motivator (start at 10)
– 2 min plank

The Thang

Took a short Mosey as the rain stopped then:

Part 1: 20min EMOM
(Rucks on AND grab a block – if no ruck just use a block)
– 4 thrusters
– 4 incline push-ups
– step ups for reminding time in minute
– repeat this each minute for 20 minutes


Part 2: Ring of fire with rucks/blocks
– 20 curls
– 10 thrusters
– 20 lunges with block held (each leg counts)
– 25 scissor kicks with block extended
– then 20 scissor kicks with block extended


– 20 curls
– 10 lat pulls
– 15 scissor kicks with block
– then 10 scissor kicks with block
– hold block above head for 20-30 secs


– 2 min plank

Call it

Circle of Trust

– wonka looking to hold a family gathering next Saturday
– Huckleberry starting to pull together a CSAUP ruck in May
– Huckleberry asked that we all started to think about who we would nominate for leadership positions when we rotate (Nantaan, Site Q’s, 2nd and 3rd F, communications)

– I read through Romans 6:1-11. I had read it earlier in the week and it had really touched me. A thankfulness for the sin forgiving power of Jesus, but also a reminder for me that if you are with Christ, you should not go on freely sinning. Let the strength and love of Christ be a power within you and a constant reminder that we have power over sin. Lean on the men around you for encouragement, accountability, and strength!

Naked Man Moleskin

See my notes and thoughts on Romans 6:1-11 above. Thankful to have each of you men in my life. You are a part of Gods plan for me, and a constant encouragement.

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