“Just the facts, ma, am”

AO: 5andDime

BeatDown Date: 02/08/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names:

Startup, Fish n Chips, Picket Fence, Express

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Silver Bullet


PAX were invited out to the gloom to participate in an interrogation beatdown by Jack Webb, played by YHC.


Mosey to open space
Neck rolls L & R IC
Arm Circles F & B IC
Michael Phelps OYO
Weed Pickers IC
Copper Head squats IC
Inch Worm IC

The Thang

Mosey to WM Parking Garage for Dark Webbs
3rd deck for Jack Webb
1 merkin / 2 raised roofs run to other side – 2 merkins/4 rasied roofs run to other side 3 merkins/6 raised roof run to other side…..continue advancing 1 merkin & 2 raised roofs until you reach 10 merkins & 20 raised roofs
Run around parking deck & return to start

House of Pain
1 jump squat / 2 Iron Mikes run to other side – 2 jump squats / 4 Iron Mikes run to other side 3 jump squats/6 Iron Mikes …..continue until you have 10 jump squats / 20 Iron Mikes
Run around parking deck and return to start

Captain Thor
1 Big Boy / 2 American Hammers (2:1) run to other side – 2 Big Boys / 4 American Hammers….running back and forth until you complete 10 Big Boys / 20 American Hammers (2:1)
Run around parking deck and return to start

Happy Jack Webbs
1 burpee / 2 SSH continue running back & forth advancing 1 burpee to 2 SSH until you reach 10 burpees and 20 SSH.
(cut off at 5 = ran out of time) The men were strong, nothing was given up.

Circle of Trust

Sign up for GrowRuck

Prayer requests
Express praise for reconciliation with co-worker, Nomad and family, all those battling, recovering, and looking for a cure for VID. Startup – peace, wisdom and God to lead.

Naked Man Moleskin

Jumped to coffee Q but this was ready…

1 Peter 4:10 – “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

*Identify your gifts
*Explore God’s word, the Bible for the various gifts
*Experiment with the gifts you identify by putting them to use.
—> Confirm – Does it move people closer to Christ, does it move you closer to Christ?

Serve others with your gift(s)

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