IPC Practice

AO: Olympiad

BeatDown Date: 09/06/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names:

Silver bullet
Cash back

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/a

QIC: Nomad


Iron pax challenge is in full swing. YHC decided to get some good practice in and introduce the pax to murder bunnies before this week’s IPC 🙂


Arm circles
Abe vigotas
Weed pickers
Copperhead Merkins
Copperhead squats

The Thang

Mosey with cindies to grassy area. Had a station 300 M in for 1 exercise and then ended each 400 M with Cindy work.

400 M run
25 Flutter Kicks
25 M Murder Bunnies

400 M run
25 shoulder tap Merkins
25 block swings

400 M run
25 dips
25 windshield wipers

400 M run
25 decline merkins
25 horizontal burpee jumpovers

400 M run
25 step ups (hard way)
25 block press (on your 6)

400 M run
25 Leg lifts
25 Yard revers murder bunnies

Circle of Trust

Prayers for Dutch oven, Collin matthews, and the Hannaford family.

Family event on 9/18 at Lochmoore club

Naked Man Moleskin

Good work today men. Enjoyed coffeteria afterward and the 2nd and 3rd F components today. Thankful to have great men to surround ourselves with in F3

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