I Can Make Your Hands Clap

AO: Genesis

When: 08/10/2019


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

Dough Boy, Bill Dance, Yazoo, Dixon (gump), Matt (Wonka), Eldon (Rudy), Huckleberry, Pistol Pete, 57, The Mountain, Pooh Bear, Dutch Oven, PETA, switch

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Gump, Wonka, Rudy

QIC: Huckleberry


Great group today and the rain is holding off.


15x Goofballs
12x Weed Pickers
12x Copperhead Squats
15x SSH

The Thang

The Thang:

One Calls with hand release and Booyah format x 25

Dan Taylor x 5 (Lt. Dan, 1 squat/4 lunges ratio)

Mosey to opposite parking lot

The Hate Deck x 25 minutes of pain (F3 card deck utilized 6 times to create 1 round of 6s and 1 round of 8s, (one exercise on each side plus a traveling exercise)
Round 1: squats, burpees, Mountain Climbers
Round 2: butt kickers, lunge hop, Hand Clap Merkin

Mosey to Coupons at the bridge

50x Overhead Hand Claps (with coupon as desired)
50x Curls with coupon
50x lateral raises with coupon

6 MoM:
1 minute plank
25 LBC
30 American Hammer
20 Big Boy Situps
25 Alabama Prom Dates
20 Susan Summers
30 Scissor Kicks

Circle of Trust

14 pax with 3 FNGs

Dixon Wade, 12yo, Gump
Matt Tice, Wonka,
Eldon Groh, Rudy,

Naked Man Moleskin

School starting back
Switch mother in Law
Big Pappi mother in law

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