Genesis 6/22/19 – Switch is better than the Xbox One

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 06/22/2019


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names:

Big Papi, Poo Bear, Peta, Badger, Switch, Fortnite, Joe Dirt, Bulls-Eye, Pistol Pete, Sniper, Usher, Huckleberry, Dutch Oven(FNG), Bill Dance(FNG), Barista(FNG)

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Dutch Oven, Bill Dance, Barista

QIC: Huckleberry and Switch


Nintendo said the the Switch was family friendly, they didn’t mention it would make you splash Merlot!


Short mosey
Weed Pickers
Little Arm Circles (LAC) & Big Arm Circles (BAC)
Copperhead squats

The Thang

Black Jack 21s (merkins and LBCs)
Obama (bear crawls and plank jacks x 2)
Bojangles Biscuit x 3 (sprint, mosey, 10 lunges)
11s (Imperial Walkers and Lunges)
Pull ups or incline pushups x 20
Curb dips x 60
1 x Merlot splashed

6 MoM:

American Hammer
WW1 Situp (hands above head)
Alabama Prom Dates
Protractor: hold at 10, 30, 45
Freddie Mercury x 25

Circle of Trust

Prayer requests:
Joe Dirt: New Baby

Naked Man Moleskin

F3 is amazing. I have never felt better than after a punishing workout with these men. Also, I wanted to thank Bill Dance for getting Huckleberry and me bonus points.

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