Four thirties

AO: Todos Tacos

BeatDown Date: 04/30/2022


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names:

see video + ex-lax & 2.0 for pre ruck

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Max (Leroy Jenkins)

QIC: 57


A group of 9 pax started early (3:30am) for a 3 hr. ruck. I met the group to make it 10 at 5:30am, and then we cashed out with the Todos Taco’s beatdown. 2 weeks out from GTE28! Cindy’s were requested for this workout.


Mosey to circle up
– Abe Vigoda IC
– Imperial Walkers IC
– Weedpicker IC
– Arm circles

Metallica picked as station we would listen to during beatdown!

The Thang

1) 1 mile jog
2) Bearcrawls / crawlbears on the AMP hill X2
3) 4X30’s
– Did 4 sets of 3 exercises (my count), followed by a run around the parking lot in between each
– Set 1: Jump squats (30), Burpees (20), Curls (20)
– Set 2: Thursters (30), Side Rows (30), Big boys (20)
– Set 3: Dips (30), Block swings (20), Scissor Kicks (30)
– Set 4: Reverse lunges (30), calf raises (20), merkins (20)

Ring of fire (merkins to 5 each)

Finished with 6 MOM:
– LCRC’s
– Crunches IC
– Supermans IC

Circle of Trust

Welcomed FNG Leroy (Max – likes to play RPG’s, so Leroy Jenkins was the call from the pax).

Reminded about Grow Ruck and call for support

Happy 43rd Birthday Atlas!

Naked Man Moleskin

Great group of 17 pax out this morning!

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