Cliff Notes – you know…build it and they will come.

AO: Thunder Chicken

BeatDown Date: 09/03/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names:

Yazoo, Rip Cord, Knock Out, Badger, Doughboy, Stoner, me

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: 57


Decided to go baseball theme this morning so that we could use the baseball field at the park. Had fun looking up some options and creating the workout. Even found a few new warmup options along the way!!!


Short mosey to circle up.

The 7 pax in attendance were all regulars, so when I got to the disclaimer and welcome I jokingly asked… are you guys good here? Need me to go through he whole schpeel? At that point, Stoner recommended a BD name change to “Cliff Notes”. Ha! Appropriate.

– Arm Circles
– Windmills (10 ic)
– Field goals! (Start with hands up to squat, arms reach behind) – (10)
– Bent leg body twist (lay on back arms out sides. Legs bent swing left and right) (12)
– The high jumper (hop to arms out, hop to arms up) (10 ic)

The Thang

Mosey to the baseball diamond.

All start with 15 “No Burpees” at home plate (it’s a burpee without the push-up)

– frog hop to first base
– there do 15 of each (merkins, BB sit-ups, lunges -hard way)
– frog hop back
– repeat “no burpees” 15 at home plate
– bear crawl to2nd base
– do the 15 of the 3 exercises above and bear crawl back to home
– 15 “no burpees”
– mosey to third base and do 15 of the 3 exercise above
– mosey back to home plant and do 15 “no burpees”
– sprint around the bases back to home. Complete 15 each of the 3 exercises above
– done

Mosey to the playground
– 20 pull ups
– 20 dips
– 20 arm raises (out to side and out to front is 1)
– then do 15 of each
– then do 10 of each

Indian run around parking lot then circle up for 6 MOM
– passed the ball for plank, Freddie Mercury, mountain goat mountain climbers, and v ups

Circle of Trust

– IPC reminder
– prayers for Dutch and Collin

Naked Man Moleskin

A few key takeaways:
 Stoner recommended a beatdown name change to “Cliff Notes”. 😂. Guess you had to be there.
 New requirement when I Q
…. A spotter (aka – someone to help read my notes).. oh boy
 Not cool when mid workout on a dimly lit baseball field you see in the shadows someone watching you. All lived to tell about it
 Lastly – no better way to start a Friday, and Go Hokies!!!

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