AO: 5andDime

BeatDown Date: 12/14/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names:

Backdraft, 2×4, Lonesome Dove, Picasso, Oracle, Atlas, Startup, Picket Fence, Express, Tonka, Silver Bullet, Nomad

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: Nomad


Worked on upper body today – you’ll see this more and more from Nomad’s Qs as we get closer to GROWRUCK 28 on 5/13 – 5/15/22.


I’m not a professional modify as needed (up or down) and let us know if you need medical attention and we’ll help you get it.

Mission Statement
F3’s mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Leave no man behind, but…leave no man where we found him.

5 Core Principles
(1) open to all men
(2) free of charge
(3) held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or cold
(4) peer led in a rotating fashion (by men who participate in the workout) with no certification necessary
(5) Ends in the COT

-arm circles IC
-front clap IC
-top clap IC
-marraccan night club IC
-Abe vigota IC
-weed picker IC
-high knees IC

The Thang


****Partnered up in teams of 2 – as one partner does the carry, the other does the exercises. The only rule was that the cindy could not hit the ground.

Partner 1: Front Carry
Partner 2: 10 Burpees & 10 Calf Raises at each street crossing or alley

Partner 1: Rifle Carry
Partner 2: 10 Squats & 10 Sit-ups at each street crossing or alley

Since Atlas and Oracle were first so they picked our last workout. Atlas and Oracle picked the bonus workout since they finished first. Still partnered up, the one partner would do the exercise while the one partner ran to the spice and tea shop and back.
25 Blockees
25 Squats

Startup/Express got to start Mary since they were last in from the Cindy Carry Crossing. Startup calls 15 burpees. WOW! Then we did popcorn for the rest of Mary.

Circle of Trust

Announcement-Christmas Party 57’s house 12/16

Prayer Requests-
(1) Dutch Oven
(2) Collin Matthews

Naked Man Moleskin

It was a pleasure leading the men today and enjoying the downtown lights.

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