Cat Scratch Fever!

AO: Genesis

When: 04/20/2019


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names:

Mountain, Kavorkian, Joe Dirt, Major Pain, Taps, Pistol Pete, Usher, Band Camp, Huckleberry, Blistex, Yazoo

Number of FNGS: 7

FNG Names: Shawn McGhee, Jared Shoptaw, John Reed, Stephen Sexton, Caleb McGhee, Lenar Molden, Chris Walsh (Louisiana),

QIC: Blistex


Cat Litter!? Are we cleaning up an oil spill?


SSH IC, windmill, AC, and others

The Thang

Cat scratch fever:
four stations with a traveling workout in between stations.
bear crawls, overhead press (with cat litter boxes), squats (with cat litter boxes), lunges, merkins, BBSU’s, LBCs, planking, burpees and others

Circle of Trust

A few prayer requests. Several FNGs to name.

Naked Man Moleskin

Everybody had plenty of left over cat litter to take home.

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