Blimps at the Bottom, ABCs at the Top

AO: Railyard

BeatDown Date: 06/27/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names:

Murdock, Wooly Booger, Oracle, Usher

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Usher


We tried to put a shovel flag into the rocky ground to no avail. Sorry Murdock.

Let’s get warmed up.

Oh and there’s a Wooly Booger rolling in.


-SSH x10
-Copperhead Squats x15
-Abe Vigoda x10
-Weed Picker x 15

Alright let’s move!

The Thang

Started our run down the hill from the Railyard
Hooked a right this morning instead of heading to the loop around the lake

What’s this?
I thought this was a runner’s workout…

YUP. A round of Blimps to build that strength

Time to run back now that we’re good and tired.
No one cares what you can do fresh!

Back in toward the pavilion and then we’re on to the uphill climb.
Push to the end PAX.

We circle up for about 7 MoM at the top of the Railyard.
What’s in store?

Flutter Kicks x15 in cadence
BBSs x20 on count
LBCs x20 OYO
Suzanne Somers x20 each side in cadence
Alphabet (ABCs)

Circle of Trust

July 20 Family Beatdown at Lochmoor
Faith (3rd F) and Targeting/Growth/Expansion

Accelerating Faith

Naked Man Moleskin

Great work from the PAX today. We pushed to the end and didn’t give up (all the way to the end of the ABCs).

Great coffeeteria and QSOURCE conversation lead by Oracle, our newly established QSOURCE Q. We will push forward in the G3L and be disruptors by accelerating to advantage for the men around us.

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