Birthday Burpee Beatdown

AO: Todos Tacos

BeatDown Date: 04/09/2022


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names:

Cash Back, Fish N Chips, Knockout, Geek Squad, Silver Bullet, Casper, Stoner, Ex Lax, Murdock, Ripcord, Badger, Yellow Jacket, Rio, Wonka, Nomad

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: Nomad


It’s F3 NWA’s 3rd Birthday, Knockout’s Birthday yesterday, and Doughboy’s Birthday today. So you know we we hard at it!

Also, Wonka texted just before the beatdown he was running late. So you know a good razzing was due.


Ran to the top of the fountain to start warmup. Silver Bullet inspired the start of the warmarama since he said “you should never stretch when you’re muscles aren’t warm”. Therefore YHC started us off with 10 burpees and 25 side straddle hops. Then we circled back to pick up the 6 (AKA WONKA).

After picking up Wonka, we ran to the parking lot in front of the parking deck and started the warmarama again…of course from the beginning so Wonka wasn’t left behind!

10 Burpees
25 SSH
10 Abe Vigotas
10 Weed Pickers
20 High Knees

The Thang

Ran to the other corner of the parking lot and marked off about 400 M.

As a group.
50 Flutter Kicks (single count)
25 Merkins
Run a lap

As a group.
100 Calf Raises (single count for Ripcord)
25 Squats
Run a lap

50 Flutter Kicks (single count)
25 Merkins
Run a lap
100 Calf Raises (single count for Ripcord)
25 Squats
Run a lap

Offered a 10ct and then mosey’d back to the fountain/stairs.

Partnered up, since pain is best served working as a team – one partner ran up the stairs while the other did an exercise. List below.

Step Ups
Decline Merkins
Incline Merkins
Squat Thrusters

Ran as a group to the top of the stairs and circled around the fountain.
20 box jumps
10 side step ups – right and left

Moseyd down to the flag for Mary.

To finish the birthday beatdown, the pax got in a circle and did merkins in rotation with “happy” said by one man, “birthday” said by next, as they did merkins around until there were only 5 PAX left. YHC didn’t want to miss Mary so called it after several minutes had passed.

Did Mary with some great exercises and push by each man.

Circle of Trust

Prayed for our health, Dutch oven and his family during this time of grief, Safe travels for Wonka to Orlando today, Happy Birthday to Knockout/Doughboy/F3NWA, prayers for great events coming up – Hudson’s Heroes 5k/walk/raffle (4/16 at 8am at Lake Atalanta with beatdown prior 6:30-7:30) and Grow Ruck (5/13 – 5/15).

Naked Man Moleskin

Sad to have lost our brother Dutch Oven, Neal McAllister. We are praying every day for their family and God’s love to pour on them during their time of grief.

I’m always encouraged to come out and give my all when around my F3 brothers. It’s our duty to give this away to other men! Go out and do it

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