Beatdown BackBlast & 149th Open Trivia

AO: Firehouse

BeatDown Date: 07/13/2021


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names:

Outbreak, Dutch Oven, 57, Picket Fence, Stoner, Ripcord, Yazoo, El Chapo, Pilgrim, Easy Pass, Wonka, Nomad, DoughBoy, RIO, Badger, Fisn n Chips, Silver Bullet

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Nomad / Silver Bullet


We have VQ this morning so Nomad challenged us with a warm-up and first half Q before turning it over to Silver Bullet – “Yikes”


-Welcome, I’m not a professional and neither is my co-Q today (Silver Bullet). We are not aware of any injuries so you’re proceeding at your own risk. We encourage you to modify as needed.

-SSH (10)
-Weed Picker (10)
-Learning to fly (10)
-Copperhead Squat (10)
-Copperhead Merkin (10)

Mosey to front of church

The Thang

Partnered up B.O.M.B.S. where each team joins together to accomplish the below – 1 partnered does the exercise while the other runs to a designated distance and back and they switch off so each member helps add to the number of each exercise.

Burpees (50)
Overhead Clap (100)
Merkin (150)
Big Boy Sit-ups (200) ***stopped here due to running over time****
Squats (250)

Mosey to the back side of the building where the coupons are to pass it to Silver Bullet.

2021 Open Championship Trivia Workout
* The Open Championship is the oldest golf tournament in the world
* It was named the Open b/c it was open to professional and amateur golfers
* The Open Championship has always been held on coastal golf courses in Scotland, England, or Northern Ireland

1.14 courses have hosted the Open Championship
Let’s do 14 air squats

2.4 courses have since retired leaving 10 courses as part of the rotation
Let’s do 10 more air squats

3.1860 was the year of the first Open Championship
Let’s do 15 burpees

4.Since 1860, 120 champion golfers have been crowned.
Let’s hold a plank for 120 seconds, ready.

5.There have been 15 different wining Nationalities.
Let’s do 15 side lunges each leg

6.13 strokes is the greatest margin of victory (Old Tom Morris in 1872)
Let’s do 13 inverted shoulder presses

7. This year’s 149th Open Championship returns to Royal St George for the 15th time
Let’s do 15 lunges each leg (alternating legs, 2 = 1)

8.In 2016, Henrik Stenson won the 145th Open at Royal Troon, with 10 birdies in the final round
That’s worth a 10-burpee celebration

9. Stenson’s round of 63 set a record for lowest round by a winner of the Open
Let’s do 63 Rocky Balboas

10.Stenson won with a combined 4-day total of 20 under par
Let’s do 20 deep air squats on my count

* There were 10 more trivia questions however due to time constraints we stopped and moseyed to the parking lot to complete Mary’s

•“Let’s get ready for 72 history making holes of golf as the 149th Open begins this Thursday at 4 am. Let’s start with 72 flutter kicks 😊
•Passed it to Stoner for leg extensions – 90, then 45, 15
•Next Wonka closed us with “plank it out”

Circle of Trust


Wonka/outbreak have the Q Saturday

4 PAX going up to ST Louis this weekend for GrowRuck 23.

Announcement of June FNG contest winner:
***Rio is so passionate about F3 and always shares our group with new guys. As a show of appreciation for all that you do for us, please accept this token of appreciation for your recruiting efforts***

1. Bragging rights as our best recruiter. You definitely have claim to that title 2 years running.
2. $200 swag bag
3. Personalized Cinder Block
4. FREE workouts for a whole year. $2,000-20,000 value.

◦ Dutch Oven
* Collin Matthews
* PAX preparing to travel to GrowRuck in St Louis on Friday
* Praise God for life, His grace, mercy and love

Naked Man Moleskin

Group is growing fueled by encouragement, challenge and a common desire to serve our God with our best.

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