Balmy Beatdown

AO: Firehouse

BeatDown Date: 04/05/2022


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names:

Cash Back
Mystery Meat

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Geek Squad


Finally a nice balmy 50F day for a beatdown. No rain, not tornadoes, no ice. Just right.


A short mosey up and down the parking lot
Forward arm circles, small (5), medium (5), large (5)
Backward arm circles, small (5), medium (5), large (5)
High knees
Alternating Butt kickers
Hillbilly leg lifts
Abe Vigodas
Weed pickers
3/4 squat Upper-cuts

The Thang

Mosey to the rock garden parking lot
Tabata timed workout
10 exercises, 30 seconds on, 10 second rest, repeat 3 times, 1 minute rest between sets, coupons if you like:

The exercises were:
High Plank Hold
High Plank Shoulder Taps
Low Plank holds
Low Plank Ups and Downs
Side Tap Crunches
American Hammers
Hand-release Merkins

Mosey to main parking lot
Parking lot line workout:
*Air squat bonus when finished w/ each:
30 – Forward and Back Hops
30 – Side-to-Side Two Legged Hops
30 – Side to Side Single-Legged Taps
20 – Cross country skis
5- Side to Side Shuffle on the line, touch the line at each

Mosey to the 6 MoM
25 American Hammers
25 Flutter kicks
25 V-ups

Circle of Trust

Sin-up for GoRuckNWA
Shoutout to @Doughboy who stepped up to Q for the GrowRuckNWA “Shadow Squad” support team. Sign up with Doughbot to help support.

Dutch Oven went from in-home to in-patient hospice. Send notes, calls, texts, etc. Continued prayers for Dutch and family.
Nomad – Prayers for baby Cole. Test sent off, praying for a negative result. Meal train still in play. See 2nd-F Slack channel for details
Springdale tornado victims
@Rio lead the F3 prayer

Naked Man Moleskin

This was my first “beatdown” Q. I was nervous, not gonna lie. I had previously Q’ed a ruck. Over planned a bit and had a few suggestions mid-workout that I will take under advisement for the next. Forgot to run through the 5 Core principles and need practice on the 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2 counting. Heard some fun “Spaceballs” quotes that added some, much needed, comic relief to the Tabata section. All the guys were supportive and appeared to “enjoy” the beatdown. 7/10, would recommend. Room for improvement. Respect to the guys who make it seem effortless (e.g. @Badger)

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