All about the C’s

AO: 5andDime

BeatDown Date: 11/16/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

Picket Fence, Atlas, Oracle, Silver Bullet, Tonka, Backdraft, and welcome 2 FNG’s Picasso & 4runner

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Picasso, and 4Runner

QIC: 57


Continuing my journey through the exicon. Today we find ourselves in the C’s. All exercises/routines can be found in the C’s.

It was also great to be back at AO 5&10 and enjoyed time catching up with the Pax.


– Chinook arm circles (on Q’s count)
– Crab grass pickers (weed pickers renamed to start with a C because I needed to stretch my bag. IC)
– Copper Head Merkin (IC)
– Copper Head Lunge (IC)
– Chili Jacks (20 OYO)

The Thang

Part 1: Catch me if you can
– partner one starts “Carioca” towards rink
– partner 2 does 5 HR merkins then catches up and partners switch rolls
– finish at the ice rink

Part 2: next to the ice rink
– Chumbaburpee (music routine – see exicon)
– chilcutts (elbow plank)
– curb alperts on short wall

Mosey to 21c parking garage
Part 3: partner up
– partner 1 does copperhead squats while partner 2 does crab walk 20 yards, then crawl bear 20yrds back. Then switch roles
– next up, partner 1 does Catalina wine mixer while partner 2 does the crab walk and crawl bear. Then switch.

Mosey back to flag
Part 4:
– grab coupons
– colt 45 (15 low half curls, 15 top half curls, 15 full curls)
– CPR’s – In 4 count cadence. Curl, overhead press, tricep extension, back down. Did 15
– did another colt 45

Part 5: 6MOM
– captain Thor (1 BBS, 4 American hammers. To 6/24)
– plank arm extensions (6 each arm)
– chilcutt to finish.

Circle of Trust

– met and named our FNG’s
– prayers for Picasso’s neighbor Laura, and Nieces husband. Prayers for Dutch and Collin

Naked Man Moleskin

It was great to be back at 5&10 on a warm fall morning. Really enjoying the journey through exicon and trying out some new material.

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