ACT Test Here

AO: Genesis

When: 10/26/2019


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

Joe Dirt
The Mountian

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: Na

QIC: Yazoo


Nothing like the ACT test, students arriving by the bus load, and the entire PAX honoring the Rosilita and Susan Summers while Sniper commentates…. I nearly wet my pants!!!


20 SSH
10 Windmills
10 Weed pickers
Arm Circles
20 Butt Kicks
20 High Knees

The Thang

Counted off in Three’s

The Pax Raising:
Frog Hop to the Top
11’s Burpees N Stair Jumps
100 Rocky Balboas
30 3 Prong Twist
30 Superman’s

The Ledges of Doom:
Three Stations

Station One
10 Bicep Merkins
25 OYO leg lifts
25 BBD and Edge Tap
2 Bear Crawls

Station 2
25 Decline Merkins
50 Dips
2 Bear Crawls

Station 3
30 Squats Total (10) with Air Tank each
50 Shoulder Taps
30 BBS
2 Bear Crawls

Susan S
Flutter Kicks

Circle of Trust

Prayers for Fifty Seven’s friends, entire family sick, Marriage, Snipers Family and Balance, Safe Travel, Storm Victims

Naked Man Moleskin

Really proud of the turnout today. Mumble chatter was epic especially Snipers commentary at the end. Was seriously concerned the cops would soon be paying us a visit… to be honest it did look like we were putting on a show for the arriving test takers lol!!! After the beatdown at the FEEDING was a good chance to reflect we need to leverage events to connect with Sadclowns outside our loops. Crazy to think while none of us would have met without F3 the PAX today is largely made up of like minded Men. My goal is to help the PAX have the support and equipment we need over the next 12 mths to represent our PAX and what F3 can do for our fellow man at whatever event life connects us with. It was an honor to Q today and looking forward to the week ahead!!! – YHC Yazoo

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