2.4 and some more

AO: Genesis

BeatDown Date: 11/28/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

See video

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: 57


The post Thanksgiving weekend beatdown can be a tough one to get up for. Your mind is still in vacation mode, and your belly is still fuller that it normal is. I was pleased to have 8 pax push through this morning and get stronger with me mentally and physically.


– On you 6 – Reach for your toes (AKA – shirt length check)
– Stay on your 6, bring 1 leg back at a time and reach for toes on opposite leg
– Weedpickers 10
– Finkle Swings – 10 each leg
– Michael Phelps – 15

The Thang

We went on a 2.4 mile run starting at trail head, to 26th street, to Perry, then back down Dixieland to our cars. During the run, we stopped and did 13 different exercise (1 per stop, and 1 min per exercise). These stops were spread out throughout the run.
– Curls (with coupon)
– Lunges
– Moroccan Nightclub
– Derkins
– Squats
– Mountain Climbers
– BBS’s
– Shoulder Press
– Dips
– Calf raises
– Plank
– Burpees

6 MOM:
– Left, center, Right, center – 10 in cadance
– APD’s
– Freddy Mercury
– American Thor

Circle of Trust

Prayed for Yazoo & Nomad and family
Prayed for marriages
Prayed for safe travels for Rio
Thankful for safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving day

– Met up at CFA afterwards for coffeteria

Naked Man Moleskin

The humor was a bit off color this morning, but it was flowing. Also had a few throwbacks and impersonations of 90’s cartoon characters. The pax were on their game this morning!

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